July 13, 2007

Updated Again!

Well, for you followers of the Walton family, I am updating our blog again! Let's see, Jarom is still sick and now has a fever too. Like a fever isn't bad enough, but now it's 30 degrees outside as well. The battle for potty training continues, but we are not going to give up hope. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we'll keep trucking along. Also, the rental house is officially done. Our last renter moved in yesterday and now we can relax. After 3 long, awful months of sacrifice, we can spend time together as a family. It's quite weird actually, to have Kevin home knowing it's not just for one quick night, but forever! Now maybe I can go out childless somewhere, like the grocery store. Oooooh, the fun never ends.

Today was so hot outside and being the heat wimps that we are, found it hard to take. However, my neices and nephew are in town staying with my mom. To beat the heat the kids came over and we splashed in our kiddie sized pool in our kiddie sized yard. The kids had so much fun and I am happy to enjoy summer and not just complain about the heat. Caleb was very hesitant to go in the pool at all, but he didn't mind getting soaked while we threw cups of water at him. I am sure he got more wet that way, but hey, whatever works. We also introduced the kids to the 'ice cream truck'. It came up the road with it's annoying music playing and we bought the kids their treats. My little neices (6 and 4) were astonished, they kept saying "I've never seen an ice cream truck before". The good news is they had fun, the bad news is now Caleb will know what it means when he hears the musical truck coming down the street. Hey, what's summer without ice cream on a hot day? Overall we had so much fun and I am so glad my sister and her family are moving to town. This way we can spend lots of time together and our kids can be friends. I only hope she gets through the move and the arrival of her 4th baby, all happening this month. Yikes.

Well, my kids are sleeping and Kevin is out with his friend. This is very precious time in my life. So rather than trying to think up exciting things to write about, I am going to sign off and go scrapbook. Scrapbooking is my true luxury and ultimate 'me' time. I can get on the computer for a few minutes here or there, but scrapbooking requires uninterrupted, quiet, kidless time, and that, as many know, is a rare commodity. So, dear followers, until next time, good-bye.

July 7, 2007

Well, after not updating the blog for a long time, I finally remembered to to it. Clearly this internet world is still new to me. Plus, my free time is usually gobbled up by facebook, the time wasting black hole.

Let's see, Caleb is almost potty trained. He is 100% for number ones, but only 10% for number twos. Even still, our diaper budget has gone way down and he is close, oh so close. It's crazy to think he is so grown up already, where did my little baby go?

Speaking of little babies, Jarom is alread 14 months. It really seems like yesterday the little gaffer was born. However, those vivid, painful memories of his birth have faded some. I guess that means he's growing up and we need to start thinking about another baby. But not quite yet. Jarom is a little sick today. He has goopy eyes and a runny nose. The sad part is seeing how sick and yucky he feels, the good part is that he needs extra naps to get better. Being the good mom that I am, I'm doing all I can to make sure he gets his needed sleep.

Today Kevin is out in Airdrie. For those that don't already know, we bought a rental property out there and it is more work than we thought. We are the co-owners of this property with Kevin's brother and wife and the tenants are other members of Kevin's family. Even still, before our last tenant can move in, the basement needs to be finished. What we thought would take a month has stretched into 3 months. It looks absolutely gorgeous down there and Kevin and his brother have done a fantastic job. However, I miss seeing Kevin and the novelty of being home with the kids all day and all evening is starting to wear thin. But, as we keep telling ourselves, it's a small sacrifice now for a big payoff later. Once our last renter moves in, all we have to do is cash the rent checks and do an occasional repair. We can handle that.

Well, that's a summary of my life as of today. I can think of lots more fascniating things about my life, however, I can't overwhelm all you fans at once. I will try to update this again soon, not in two months from now.

May 26, 2007

It Begins

Since we recently got the internet at our house, I have been finding all sorts of ways to use it. One might think I have so much free time to be starting our own family blog, but that's not really the case. I use my valuable window of nap and bedtime to play on the internet. I have worked hard to get past the guilt associated with taking a few minutes to myself while there is cleaning to be done and kids to play with. I find I am a nicer person when I have this time to relax.

Our life at this point consists of many things. We have two little boys, Jarom, 1, and Caleb, 3. Since it's nice outside, I try to take them the the park, zoo or Calaway Park as often as I can. Once winter hits, we are in for some long days at home. It will be easier to go on these outings after Jarom is walking, then he won't eat so much gravel at the park. The other day he was playing in the rocks and I went over to see him. I thought someone had left raisins on the ground and tried to take them away from him. It was only when I got closer that I realized it was actually rabbit poop he was playing with. Ah, the special moments of childhood. Gross.

Speaking of poop, Caleb is getting potty trained and so far it seems to be going well. He is getting the hang of it and I immensely look forward to the day where his bodily waste habits are no longer my concern.

We have bought a rental property out in Airdrie and Kevin is out there pretty much all the time. He is working with his brother (the co-owner) to get the basement looking good so our renter can move in. It has been a lot more work than any of us thought, but we know the sacrifice now will be worth it. Once that is all done, hopefully we can sit back and not worry too much. It makes long days for us and I am looking forward to going out someday soon without the kids, but it's not so bad. I know Kevin misses his family and looks forward to seeing us again. He is such a good guy to work so hard without complaint. I am so glad I married him and appreciate him more all the time. Overall our life is pretty good and we are so glad for all our blessings.

Okay, that was a good first entry I think. Now I better see if anyone reads this before I put anymore up.